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Four London explosions close three subway stations

In breaking news, MSNBC is reporting that four explosions or "attempted" excplosions this morning targeted three London subway stations and a bus.

Meanwhile, non-bomb-sniffing dogs dragged by non-police officers delayed CTA commuters this morning with bogus security checks.

God helps us all.


we are so screwed if this ever happens here

I'm not sure if this is system-wide or not, but I've noticed a MUCH larger police presence at the Red Line Grand station since Monday. Although, to the casual observer (like myself), they don't seem to be doing much more than the so-called security personnel. Yesterday, there were 3 uniformed officers standing by (and blocking access to) the up escalator on the NB platform. They could have been discussing matters of extreme urgency, but it seemed more like a casual, gossipy conversation.

Meanwhile, I have NEVER seen a police officer or even security at the Loyola Red Line station, even though it must be one of the busiest stations north of Addison. I've only seen the sometimes friendly station attendants and maintenance workers.

Everyone is screwed if it happens anywhere. Israel can't keep it off the busses. The Brits can't keep it off the trains. The CTA will not be able to either if someone wants to do it. No reason to be snippy about the non-bomb sniffing dogs, and all that. We are all stuck in an uphill battle here. Maybe it is time for people to recognize that the best case scenario for these issues is to be vigilent, report what you see, pay attention, and pray it doesn't happen here.

I've alos seen an increased presence this week. Instead of the usual pair of Securitas people I see at Clark & Lake at 5:15PM, last night there was a pair with dogs on the elevated platform, a pari with dogs just hanging out on the ground level, and a pair with dogs on the Blue Line platform as well. The interesting thing was that with the guy lounging around on the ground floor, was a third guy with a dog, in what loked like actual police attire, bulletproof vest, actual badge, a more well kempt dog. Maybe they brough t a real bomb sniffer in?

How do you know if it's a bomb-sniffing trained dog or not? I'd be curious to know how you can tell.

If this happened on the CTA, the number of people trampled to death at stations with those revolving cage-doors would outnumber the number of people killed by the explosions.

Rastaman asks how I can tell whether a dog is bomb-sniffing trained or not.

Admittedly, I can't tell for certain. But my general observation is that the dogs don't go anywhere near the actual door and don't attempt to do any sniffing whatsoever. For instance, yesterday the handler was standing on the El side of the dog, putting himself between the El and the dog. And walking about 4 feet away. And the dog was looking bored. I've never seen one of those dogs actually sniff anything but their butts.

Bomb dogs wear muzzles to prevent them from biting what they've sniffed our... or so I've been told. Regular police dogs wear no muzzles so they CAN bite down on their prey in order to stop them from running away.

those dogs are "trained" to sniff out bombs. Their training facility is in the same building as my mom's job. Not to go into any details, but she had to yell at them to take their training exercises out of their parking lot.

I just wonder do the security personnel go through "training" also.

Hmmm, ok cmama, if you say so. They just don't *act* like they are sniffing anything. But certainly I could be wrong.

Those dogs are not trained scent dogs. They are not trained to smell anything. An uncle of mine has been a K9 Trainer for the past 15 years and he watched those dogs "working" and he said the do not appear to be trained to do anything but walk on a leash, they were definetly not displaying the type of body language of a "working" dog. Bottom line those dogs can't sniff anything but their own asses as Kevin said!

And, of course, the only people they're fooling are those who wouldn't even know how to begin to be a terrorist. If a real terrorist was planning something, they'd probably have to work hard to keep from laughing at the dogs. So suspcious behavior would be someone laughing at the dogs. If you see anyone laughing at the dogs, report them.

Okay, I heard this from a co-worker whose husband has a good friend who is a Chicago cop. Their presence on the CTA is just for show... Makes you feel a whole lot better, hmm?

E..it's obviously not just for show because if something happened they'd surely act. Of course they are there just for show...until something happens that is...what more do you expect. If you were talking about the dogs...then yes they are there just for show!

The dog handlers would surly be almost as helpful as the CTA's customer service agents.

well, it's pretty obvious to me that the police presence on the platforms is just for show. in once instance, i witnessed both officers at the quincy station leaning over the railing, staring off into the distance while yapping on their cell phones. even if they are faking it, shouldn't the officers at least PRETEND to be paying attention to what is going on at the station? otherwise what's the point?

I remember coming down the stairs at the the Wells/Lake entrance of the Clark/Lake blue line station last year. There were a pair of security people there with a pair of security dogs. I missed whatever preceeded, but it was clear as the team came into my view that the dogs were being scolded for acting up in some way. One of them was hanging its head in shame I assume, while the other was staring in annoyance out of the corners of his eyes up at his human. It was pretty damn funny, if you find dogs amusing.

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