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SECOND UPDATE: Bomb scare Woman in labor at Morse shuts Red Line during rush

NEWEST UPDATE: The Sun-Times reports today that it was indeed a bomb scare at Morse that shut the Red Line at the height of Monday's rush hour -- not a woman in labor.

Apparently a woman on the train pressed the call button and told the motorman she had a bomb.  Prosecutors are trying to charge her with a felony.

The Trib reports that the CTA is getting 25 calls per day now about suspicious packages since the London bombing. They used to get about five a day.

Of course, the CTA's Web site was even more tight-lipped about Monday's outage:

"5:18 p.m.: Red Line trains have resumed service in both directions between Howard and Belmont stations. "


I was on the Red Line at the same time but we were stopped at Loyola. The conductor said we had stopped due to "a disturbance in Morse Station". After around 5-10 minutes just sitting on the train I decided to get off and walk the rest of the way.

Also, since I have promoted myself to unofficial Tattler reporter, I decided to walk all the way to Morse and see what was going on. When I arrived, there were two bike police officers stopping traffic heading west at Morse and around 5-6 patrol cars parked around the station with police officers walking around.

If it was a bomb threat, it definetly wasn't properly handled since there were people just standing around under the station trying to get a glimpse of what was going on. I even walked over there to see what was happening and asked around but no one had an answer.

News brought to you by Tovi - unofficial Tattler reporter !!!

This pisses me off... like, how original is it to phone in a bomb or anthrax scare after a real terrorist attack? This is almost predictable. What a *tremendous* waste of law enforcement resources!!!

I was at Wilson around 5:10pm waiting for a southbound train. I had no idea that there was a delay. I must have gotten to the station just in time to miss the delay. Then when we got to Fullerton, the operator announced that the train was going to run express to Washington. I was wondering why. This posting explains everything. CTA Tattler keeps us more informed than the CTA ;). Express worked out for me though, because I needed to get to Jackson.

I was on the Brown line just north of Fullerton at around 5:00. The operator came on and announced that there was a "dire emergency" and that Red and Purple lines weren't going north of Belmont. Then he elaborated, saying that a woman was giving birth on one of the trains up ahead! Was he trying to keep people calm?

update on security on CTA "L" platform: Police Officer drawing circles with his left foot on the ground in front of him at 7:54am.

another update: Yesterday cop "guarding" the Madison St entrance to Union Station was talking on a cellphone

I was able to board the purple line at Fullerton and take it all the way to the Howard station with no problems following the red line being halted at Fullerton due to a woman giving birth on a train. After taking the Red Line back south bound to the Morse station I asked a police officer what was going on and he said that a woman had, in fact, gone into labor on a red line train. I asked a rail attendant this morning after seeing this about the bomb threat and she said there was no bomb threat that a woman had indeed gone into labor. If a bomb threat had been called into the morse station I would not have been able to take the Purple line past all the stopped red line trains AND past the Morse station, the site of the alleged bomb threat. If there had been a bomb threat it would have made the Tribune or at least the Red Eye!!!!

Well that's really stupid to let the purple line go past a station or stopped trains that allegedly have a bomb in or around them. Nice police/CTA work!!!
The attendants at the Morse station are still telling people a lady was in labor when I asked again today!

I also thought it was suspicious that a woman in labor would cause police to close down Morse Street traffic.

Still, as other people said, the let the purple line pass and they also let people stand around the street below the station.

If it really was a woman in labor, they should have stopped the train just long enough to let the paramedics on, then kept going.

That way when the kid got old enough, he or she could tell all his/her friends "It took me seventeen El stops to get born!"

MUCH cooler than being born in a hospital.

(And it's not like anyone would have noticed anything out of place--this is the RED Line we're talking about.)

If a lady did give birth (after the 17 stops) on the train, would the CTA FINALLY clean the car?

I highly doubt it, cmama.

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