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A black clutch with a definite message

A woman in her early-20s boards the Red Line headed south in the morning rush. She's wearing a black micro-miniskirt, four-inch-high black heels with pink flowers on them, and a super low-cut white T-shirt.

She casually checks her cell phone voice mail, which she pulled out of her black clutch purse. Written on the purse in what appears to be red lipstick is:

"Lighten up! Be juicy!" And a big heart.


That's just an overpriced purse by Juicy Couture, purveyors of $150 t-shirts, sweatpants that say "juicy" across the butt, and gold chain-festooned handbags. http://www.juicycouture.com/
The tacky girl in my wants to love their stuff, but the tasteful lady thinks it's awful.

OMG! That's totally disgusting! I can't believe someone let her on the L looking like that! I would have called the conductor immediately.

Waiting on the Green line amongst the 5 red and brown lines that passed by yesterday, I saw a man with some long ass toes. His pinky toe had to be 3 inches.

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