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The year that was for the CTA Tattler

CTA Tattler was born a scant year ago, with this first post explaining what it's all about.

Since then:

  • There have been more than 200,000 page views on this site.
  • I have posted over 400 posts.
  • Younze guys have shared almost 2,000 comments.
  • 250 of those contributions were from folks sharing their own crazy commuting stories.
  • The CTA has cried poor, threatened massive service cuts, then finally called off those threats. Somehow, Kruesi is still in charge.
  • George Bush was elected president. Ugh.  Oops, sorry, that has nothing to do with this blog. Except for the post Kerry's loss inspired.
  • A (mostly) friendly community was born of folks like you and me who trudge to work or school every day on the CTA, and live to tell about it, and laugh about it, and marvel even that we survived it.

Thank you for a fun year.

Now let's celebrate. Tonight. After work. Rock Bottom Brewery. Details here.


This blog was one of the first things I found when I moved to Chicago last August. My wife and I moved here from Puerto Rico so I could attend graduate school at UIC and had never before used public transportation on a regular basis.

When we first hit on the blog (Google search I think) it was funny but mostly scary at the same time especially since most (or a lot of) stories revolved around the red line and people travelling to or from Morse. We had just moved in to Rogers Park and we felt overwhelmed by everything. The stories made my wife nervous and a little afraid of taking the train or the buses. Today, we feel right at home between the weirdos, freaks, hobos and also the normal folk and have a great space to let it all out.

Thanks everyone for telling their stories and for serving as an unintentional tour guide to us Chicago noobs. We look forward to meeting some of you today.

Happy Anniversary, Kevin!

dang i missed the party. :( simply lost track of events. waaaaaaah. i hope you guys had fun.

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