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Red Line meditation

MeditationA woman in her mid-30s sits quietly amid the Red Line cacophony, in the traditional meditation stance.

Eyes shut, palms upturned with thumb and forefinger joined togther.

Of course, this was after she finished yakking to her girl friend for 10 minutes on her cell phone.

Talk about cognitive dissonance.


Wait wait wait. It seems to me that either you have a preconceived idea of how people who know how to meditate should act or you've never meditated before. Why can't someone talk on a cell phone and then meditate? Are you saying that because she was "yakking" on her cell that she was inconsiderate, and that only considerate people should be allowed to meditate?

Dude, take a deep breath and relax a bit.

Maybe he should consider MEDITATION !!!!

I'm confused...it's monday and there's too many big words...I think it's time for me to meditate.....

Alright kids, don't make me turn this blog around!

In all seriousness, I can think of fewer places less trance or calm enducing than the el. Speaks well to her ability to tune out the world around her...which is maybe why she doesn't understand that her cell-phone yakity-yak annoys others.

I agree with Matt on principle, however, I do see the irony in the situation. One would expect an L-riding cellphone yakker to be less in touch with the finer points in life, eg, meditation... but then there's a side of me that says that anyone meditating on the L is doing it for show and cares nothing about the actual process or results of meditation...

This is, for certain, a case of an LP Trixie who just returned from an all-expenses paid holiday in Tibet or Bhutan or Nepal... she's so heady now, no longer a materialistic snob... how in the fcuk (pardon my French) does one focus on nothing and become in tune with the body, mind and soul whilst listening, smelling, seeing and feeling the crap on the L? Wait, maybe I'm wrong, she just returned from Yoga at The East Bank Club and needed to unwind.

Yoga or Tibet? You be the judge.

I do try to meditate sometimes on the bus or the el, but I don't go all out with the hand gestures and everything. (that's definitely too show-offy for my taste.) If I find myself without something to read, or I'm too stressed out to concentrate, I find it helpful to just focus on my breathing, but not fall asleep! No, I'm not going to reach Nirvana on the Blue Line, but every little bit helps.

okay. whatever. a couple of things. who are we to judge anyone's meditation?

and because i do talk on my celly sometimes, i have to ask this??

why is talking on the cell phone any more annoying than people talking and having a real time convo? i'm a loud laugher and a loud talker. i can't help it. my voice carries. so, people are bound to be annoyed by my loud voice no matter what. i'm not allowed to talk?

but somehow it increases in annoyance, because the person i'm talking to isn't there? i've never understood the principle.

yeah, i've been annoyed by cell phone talkers myself a few times, but i've been WAY more annoyed by crying babies (i do NOT like kids), drunks, solicitors, and loud ass teenagers yelling back and forth between the seats trying to show off and act all ghetto.


just my $.02.

This is, for certain, a case of an LP Trixie who just returned from an all-expenses paid holiday in Tibet or Bhutan or Nepal

You are truly hilarious boris. Glad you are so certain of things after reading an already slanted blog entry.

Light sarcasm got you down? I understand how it may seem harsh. But I'm Zen for Christ's sake! Don't take it too seriously.

Thank you, Matt, for the complement, I never thought myself to be funny, just cynical.

Regarding Ms. Jocelyn's questions, the annoying part is that the CTA is a public place; thus it's in everyone's best interest to keep their private lives off of the train/bus. People “these days” seem to be far too self absorbed and self centered to even realize that (approximately) 90% of other passengers don’t care about their personal lives and would, quite frankly, choose to not hear about them.

On the contrary, it’s up to you... if you keep chatting you may even become the source of a Tattler Blog! Then you can be as famous as Jessica Simpson!

Cheers all.

I'm with you, Boris! The other day, a pretty young thing of about 22 sat down next to me on the bus (no seats left & I was trapped) with her cell phone planted on her ear. She was in mid argument with her mother after coming back from her doctor to find out if she was pregnant or not. She would take another pregnancy test in the morning (because it's more accurate in the morning, so her doctor told her) just to be sure. Evidently Mom didn't approve because the rest of the conversation devolved into this young women loudly defending her lifestyle and her sex life with her boyfriend who, BTW, she's been with for four years. Jeez, Mom, it's not like it was in your day, loud huff for effect!

Point is, I don't need to know all this about some perfect stranger. Neither did anyone else sitting within earshot. I can't begin to imagine having this conversation on the el myself. Cell phones just allow for too much information in too small a space!

If I was sitting next to her, I probably couldn't contain myself with laughter....I would have told her to take a pregnancy test 9 months from now. It should be accurate then.

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