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Party Friday to fete CTA Tattler's first birthday

Rockbottom_1June 10 is the one-year anniversary of the CTA Tattler blog, and the CTA gods demand that we PARTY to celebrate.

Where: Rock Bottom Brewery, 1 W. Grand Ave., stumbling distance from the Red Line entrance at Grand and State.

When: Friday, June 10, from 4:30 p.m. till when we all decide it's time to ride the Red Line together.

All of you guys have made this blog a living, breathing daily experience. I write about what we all experience just about every day of the week, and you respond. Now, it's like we've created our own close-knit community. And of course, close community members always mark big events together with a party!

So please join us this Friday. Look for us in the rear by the pool table. And track down the Tattler Guy, yours truly.


cool and congratulations! if i'm still around work at that time, i'll definitely stop in. until then, party on.....

Have one for me! The El doesn't run to Wichita...

Interesting choice for a location. Considering the state of the CTA, I wonder if the name of the place had anything to do with it being chosen.

Awesome place...I always saw that place and wanted to go in. I can only stay for a little while because I can only ride the greenline between the hours of 7am-7pm. To many crazies any other time :)

I am frightened to meet some of the CTA Tattler readers...

especially after reading some of the comments out of the "CTA suicide" posts.

I spent my childhood summers in Chicago and call it a second home even though I do not officially live there! CONGRATS on the 1 year anniversary of this blog. I love it and when I am heartsick for Chicago, reading this blog helps immensely. Please have oddles of drinks for me. I will toast you from my FAC position many, many miles away! Cheers.

Well, I'm out of work at 5 and it shouldn't take me more than 15 minutes on (what else, the Red Line) to get there. So, after much deliberation, I think I will show my face. I hope we don't all turn out to be freaks. I mean, I know that I'm freaky, but the rest of you people may be more crazy than I can handle.
Oh, and Kevin, are you going to tell us what you'll be wearing so we'll know it's you? I mean, I know you're all famous and all now, but you may look completely different from your photo. Maybe you should wear a big styrofoam cowboy hat so that we can spot you. Yes, I think that's the perfect accessory. You can be the crazy guy on the Red Line this time wearing an enormous styrofoam hat. And, by the way, excellent choice in restaurant. Rock Bottom's spinach dip is sooooo good. And the drinks are excellent, of course.
See you all on Friday! It'll be like the biggest blind date ever!

Sounds like a lot of fun and I will try to make it. Rock Bottom is a nice place that I like to lunch at from time to time. Their own brews are tasty. (fish n chips, best dish there hands down).

Well, after some deliberation, my wife and I decided to attend. It might be fun to meet some unknown people (or maybe not!). It would also be nice to see some different places. Since we moved to Chicago we've rarely gone out and know little of places to go so this would be a good opportunity.

Seriously, your site sucks. Its become, "who's calling who" on their cell phones. I don't care about that, since I mind my own business.

Um, Mike, wow. There's really no need to be so negative and, frankly, mean. This is a generally good-natured website and if you're got nothing to offer other than to say stuff "sucks," then don't visit or contribute. It's simple. I know that you're completely entitled to your opinion, but there's no call for deliberate rudeness.
And do I need to explain why sometimes it's impossible to "mind your own business" while someone is talking loudly on his cell phone on the bus or train? Believe me, I would LOVE to mind my own business as opposed to listening to someone's conversation. Most of the time, though, it's not an option.
I honestly hope this response doesn't sound rude as I wouldn't want to recreate your tone, but if you have only hurtful and ignorant things to write, I really don't think you should waste your time here. The rest of us are happy enough without your negativity.

Please, do not feed the Trolls. ;)

I'll try and make it. Maybe if I have a few, the house might buy one. I enjoy the tattler immensely. I try to check in every day.

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