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Full exposure for plant hanger

We were headed southbound on the Red Line, exiting the Wilson station. It's mid-afternoon, and I'm lazily gazing across the tracks at the backs of the new condo homes on that stretch, amazed at all that new construction represented by the ugly concrete blocks.

I spy a guy in his mid-30s reaching up to hang a planter.

In the nude. Totally.

Apparently he caught the eye of a few other passengers, because murmurs swept through the car: "Did you see that?!" "Sheeeittt!" "Damn!"

And I really have to figure that he doesn't care that he was on view for hundreds of people on the train passing by.

With the train so close to the tracks from around Armitage practically all the way north to Howard, y'all must have seen other such unwelcome displays? Or were they? Do tell!


Guess he was just trying to keep cool! ;)

I used to live across from the Purple at Noyes, although a gravel lot separated me from the eyes of the passersby. I doubt they could see into my apartment very well, but I still made sure to cover up. Well, usually.

I'm not sure exactly where, but somewhere between Addison and Fullerton there is a corner building whose second story windows are covered in white writting (this is when you take the Red Line south). One of the windows has a Prince poster and the writting on the others talks about DePaul, the other says "He is not president of me" and random stuff about what I can only guess are guys the girls in the apartment like or are dating.

Once, as I was going north, on a very hot and sticky day, one of the windows was open and I could see clearly that the bed in the room was next to the window. In the bed was a couple, nude, talking to each other normally, while the trains passed and everybody saw them.

Not a train, but on the Clark Street bus:

It's in the afternoon, and I'm sitting by the window on the Clark Street bus passing by some townhomes in Sandburg Village. These townhomes have pretty picture windows on the second floor.

My eyes stray to one of these windows. Perfectly framed, I think I see a nude woman staring out on the street.

Blink. Blink.

She's still there. Long dark hair, maybe mid-thirties or a very attractive young 40s.

I think she was holding a latte-type cup while staring onto the street.

How European, I thought.

Its threads like this that really make me wish I rode a more interesting line!

I love the Transit Theater, especially when it's rated NC-17.

One morning last summer (southbound Brown Line) the two women sitting in front of me were suddenly very excited as they whispered to each other. I glanced up from my reading and noticed a tall handsome young man waiting at the doors to get off (ahem) at the next stop (Merch Mart). He had his head down as if he was focused on reading the paper in his hand. More likely he was trying to hide from the obvious erection making a tent of his dress pants. The whole train was noticing and whispering. I was a great way to start my day.

Question to those of you who have had such citings:

Have the citings been during rush hour or during off-peak hours? Daytime or nighttime?

I dont know why I am curious about that, but I am.

with all these crazy stories from the north side, it's making me want to move up there. Granted the buses are crowded but I'd like to be sitting on the red line giving a pigeon the editorial section of the news paper to read and gaze out the window to watch a nudist iron clothes to drown out the evangalist preacher.

I think some people move near transit and get nicely windowed spaces just so they can do this stuff on purpose. The other day on the Rock Island I caught a glimpse of a nude guy out on his balcony at the 1501 S Clark condo. At least he had his back turned to the passing train.

My experience happened on broad daylight close to rush hour.

I haven't seen just random nakedness like some folks have. But once about a year ago on the red line I saw through a window a couple going at it doggy style on a bed with the curtains wide open. They were really fat, but seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a bit. :)

Yes, isn't it amazing fat people have sex, and enjoy it, too? Surprise, surprise! (And some people find fat people sexy...who'd have thunk it?) Sheesh.

Here's to nudity...if we got used to doing it and seeing it, we might grow up about body image and quit judging each other about it.

I ride the orange line, where the trains don't really have much of a view into homes. If I ever ride one of the north side lines, I'll keep an eye open.

Excellent comments Scott! Being a misplaced Parisian, I've never understood Americans' phobia of being naked.

A few years back, while riding the blue line, I noticed a guy tanning himself on the back porch of his 3-flat. The top floor, so it was pretty much even with the track and very out in the open.

He wasn't nude, but he was flanked by two potted, approx six-foot tall marijuana plants. The plants were also getting some sun, no doubt. Many other riders also spotted him and quite a chuckle went thru the car.

There is a point, if you live next to the El or across a light well from two neighbors as I do, where you can no longer sustain the vigilance to keep yourself covered at all times. This is particularly difficult during long hot spells where closed blinds can raise the temp by 5-8 degrees.

Hell I've seen a girl and guy get it on during a ride from Damen to UIC. She was on top and he was....well....kids read this, right?

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