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From the Shameless Self-Promotion Dept.

Kevinelplatform As this blog gets more and more visitors, I've gotten requests from at least five college students for interview requests on various projects, mostly for journalism school.

Since I myself have a BA in Journalism from Penn State (go Nittany Lions!), I'm always more than happy to help.

Recently, some Northwestern Medill students worked on a group project to build a Web site about the CTA. And it's pretty good.

Check it out.

And don't forget to look at the interview with a certain CTA blogger.

Shameless. I know.


For some reason, my world has been blown apart now that we know what you look like. :-) It's kind of weird actually. But you're precious, so it's OK. And we must be neighbours (assuming you don't take the bus to the Morse stop) as I get on there as well! Now, I'll have to start looking for you, since you're a celebrity and all. Congrats on your success and fame!

My thought exactly! I always get on at Morse (and live close by) so now I'm always gonna have my eyes open to see if I bump into you on the platform.

Did you get a permit to take photos on the platform?

You look surprisingly like I pictured you. I'm usually bad at that kind of thing. Great interview!

Kevin, I've always thought of you as precious, too. Eric

Way to go, Kevin! Nice pic, too.

I see they caught your good side.

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