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Cell phone shorties

Here are a couple cell phone observations I made over the last couple of weeks:

  • A young woman calls her mom to talk about her day. And a big day it was. She was telling mom about how her job interview earlier that day went. "They asked one strange question: What was I most afraid of. I said, clowns. If I don't get the job it's because the other people interviewing are theater people, and it's a stage manager job." Well, at lest she didn't conduct the job interview on her cell phone.
  • The quiet celler: He cups both hands over the phone so no one can hear him. But who knows? He could be making an obscene call.
  • And then there's the cell phone conversation Cheryl heard, that she wished she could have heard just a little bit better: "Oh you don't know...she's the love child of Lucille Ball and [CTA announcer tells us to keep our belongings off the seat next to us] ... foster home ... adoption ... no, the child is not really a relative ... listen, I guess I should tell you the story from the beginning..." Then the bus hits the Drive and the motor drowns her out. Damn!


I haven't quite figured out why people talk on the phone with the microphone next to their mouth then move the phone up to their ear to listen. They just move the phone from the mouth to their ear like they're doing some tricep excerise. Their phone isn't that small...

Awfully nice of the person to cup their hand over his cell phone while talking. I wish everyone did that! It would make for a much quieter (but less interesting, sometimes?) ride on the CTA.

Excuse my bad grammar above. I meant to change that first "their" to "his". D'oh!

sometimes the hand-cupping is so that the talker can exclude as much cta noise as possible so that the person on the other end can hear properly.

I'd pretty much hire anybody who answered "What are you most afraid of?" with "Clowns." Because clowns are the scariest things ever.

But then I would have hired someone who gabs on a cell to her mom about her day while on the El, so maybe it's not such a good measure.

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