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Bring me the head of Frank Kruesi

At least one state legislator is calling for CTA President Frank Kruesi's resignation, going so far as to call him a "liar." No! Say it ain't so!

Says Rep. Marlow Colvin (D-Chicago): "The man, in my opinion, is nothing more than a liar," Colvin said of Kruesi. "That's a very strong word to use in this business talking to you folks, but the man is nothing more than a liar when you sit in a room ... and tell [legislators] that we're going to be OK for the rest of the fiscal year--and it's ridiculous." Colvin is also the leader of the legislature's African-American caucus.

Read the full story from the Tribune.


Wait, Kruesi's a liar? Really?

In other news, the El is dirty, the buses are bunched and the Red Line will run express to 63rd for no apparent reason.

I really hope somebody with some common sense will look over the CTA and make sure they're streamlining. My boss's former employee left to work for the CTA in their accounting department. The guy said there was about 20 accountants with about 1-2 hours of work a day and this is coming from a guy who's a slacker. He also said a few years ago, the CTA cut their accounting department down to 12 people and now they have about 3-5 hours of work a day. How many other administrative departments could use a restructuring?!

The whole CTA is a lie...their mission statement is "We deliver quality, affordable transit services that link people, jobs and communities." Maybe I have different definitions of the words "quality" and "affordable".

Actually......what would be breaking, interrupt your regular brocasting show news is Kruesi reducing his salary to $1 and let the people vote on his bonus, the El subway stations smell like Glade tropical fruit and the buses actually ran on time down to the second with seats available and friendly drivers.

Okay, okay, that's fantasy land

The lies even extend down to my Chicago Card Plus.
Printed on the front of the card:

The Sun Times hit him even worse, and implied that other state leaders were going to force him out; click here . I wonder if there is any substance to that.

If Kruesi did to a corporation what he's done to the CTA, he would never be able to show his face in the business world again. I move that the CTA change its name to CTI: Chicago Transit Impediment.

LC, I already call it the CTA:Chicago TRIFLING Authority.

Hi Frank:
Please contact me re: a fellow Oneida School classmate. Thanks, Barb Matthews

Let's not forget that Kruesi and the CTA Board are just there to distance Daley from the CTA. Ultimately, Daley is responsible and he doesn't really care about the CTA. Ten years ago, he said "public transportation has lost its constituency" and it appears little has changed. Sure, we've got the Federal dollar projects like the Brown Line and the South side Red Line, but operationally, the CTA is a complete mess and an embarassment for a city like Chicago. City stickers should be raised to $100, with the extra $25 going to the CTA's operations budget. Downtown parking taxes should be hiked too.

I agree that CTA is a complete mess, but disagree with the assertion that "Kruesi and the CTA Board are just there to distance Daley from the CTA." Da Mare appoints 4 of the 7 members, has veto power over the other 3, and inflicted Kruesi, who Andy Shaw said last night on Channel 7 is "bullet proof because he is so close to the Mayor." Remember who executed the midnight Meigs demolition? Da Mare has to take responsibility for his underlings, whether Sorich, Kruesi, or his former ones at the State's Attorney's office.

Everything is in place to distance the Mayor from everything; Plausible cause. I can't believe Frank Kruesi hasn't been dragged out to the street and shot yet. This may not sound like constructive criticism but has that EVER worked with the CTA? Frank Kruesi was supposed to air on PBS three times last month and cancelled every interview that had been rescheduled. More time & money wasted. He can't hear us. He won't hear us. He has a great big wallet full of our money and has no reason to make any changes whatsoever. He is a disgrace to our city. He is destructive to our economy. We can win though. Make a T-shirt expressing how you feel. Post flyers. Write to the bigger, more educated papers (i.e. not the Red Eye). I commend this site to fullest degree. If you ever meet Frank Kruesi, please punch him in the mouth for me, I'll take the blame for it. Thanks!

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