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CTA silent so far on bailout

As the Illinois state legislature raided pension funds to balance the budget and stave off deep cuts to CTA service, the CTA has remained eerily silent on the developments.

The CTA's Web site as of Monday evening still showed the same tired story from April 13 about the details on planned service cuts that have now been averted.

Perhaps they are waiting for Rod's signoature on the budget accord before they count their chickens?


Wouldn't YOU wait for the Gov to sign something before proclaiming victory? Trust doesn't seem to be his most valuable currency these days.

While I am glad to hear that CTA won't be raising fares, this is really robbing Peter to pay Paul. As Illinois taxpayers, we're going to pay the price of underfunding the pension at some point.

Ah, but giving money to CTA right now will earn votes. That's what is important.

PACE taking over all of paratransit is good news, budgetwise. But how will this effect people who use the service? Does anyone here know?

If nothing else changes, we'll be back here in a year, tops, with another doomsday scenerio.

Almost everybody within the past few years has had a very little increase in income yet we still manage with soaring prices of gas, health, etc., so why can't the CTA cope with little change in their funding. My only concern with passing this budget (it passed last night actually) is what is stopping CTA from having another doomsday next year? Are we going to tap into state pension funds again, or how about social security. Or better yet, how about stop funding education in southern IL and give it to Chicago. I'm sure those farmers want to see us happy.

I just noticed something yesterday (sorry for the two entries back to back)....back in the 90's that little space between on the el between the ceiling and the windows were covered with advertisements. Yesterday, on the ride home, I counted 4 advertisements and tons of empty space....I looked at that and thought, well couldn't the CTA bring in some more revenue by getting those spaces filled with paid advertisements? Couldn't that atleast show that they've done everything humanly possible to get every dollar they could to help fund their business? Atleast I'd get to see something more than those tired bankrupcy lawyers, depression study and syphlis ads

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