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Reminder: CTA hearing tonight on proposed cuts

Just a quick reminder that the CTA board will meet at 4 p.m. today at their gleaming new headquarters building, 567 W. Lake St., to consider which draconian cuts they will support if the state doesn't pony up more cash. (Take the Green Line to Clinton.)

Interestingly, today was the first time I read about our esteemed mayor even acknowledging the problem. He suggested (near end of story) at a city council meeting that we should raise the state sales tax to help out the CTA.

But Gov. Rod has adamently refused to consider a sales tax increase. Instead, he suggests a tax on software.


I LOVE that the meeting starts at 4:00, when most CTA commuters are still at work.

Just another example of their bright and shining cluelessness when it comes to their customers.

I doubt it was cluelessness. I think it was done on purpose. People who work during the day are still there and people who work at night are getting to work around 4.

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