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Read 'em and weep

Here are links to local coverage of the proposed CTA cuts if the state doesn't change the funding formula:


Do they even realise the mess Chicago is going to be in if they go ahead with the proposed cuts? Anyone who doesn't live right next to a station will end up driving to work, the CTA will lose even more customers, it will cut even more service and then mercifully die, while car traffic chokes the city.
Why is it so difficult for the state to understand that public transportation is not here to make money but to provide a service to the citizens? And that it's absolutely essential if we want Chicago to be a modern city? Oh well, I'd better stop before I get more worked up.
By the way, shouldn't we be organizing a letter campaign? :)

Haven't digested this yet (am in shock over this and yesterday's episode of "America's Next Top Model", where Tyra & co. cut not one but TWO girls), but I have one question: so what can we as riders do now to get the House to cough up some dough? If I started selling lemonade to raise money in front of CTA headquarters on Clinton & Lake, would y'all come around and buy a cup?

This is obviously a bluff. They've been trying to gin up rider support for months now -- ie those "endangered species?" signs, announcements on buses, etc. They seem unable to recognize that riders aren't going to flood Daley plaza in support of their incompetent policymaking. Especially when it takes an hour to get down there.

Best news comment today -- some lady calls Roe Kahn on wls and whines about downstate wasting time on cta, he says the reason downstate should care about cta is that without chicago illinois would be mississippi.

So I suppose it will be a few years yet before CTA stops look something like this...

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