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Jesus rides the Red Line

I was exiting the Red Line at Washington last Saturday morning when I was Jesus leaving the car ahead of me.

Yes, Jesus, carrying a cross.

He was about 6 feet tall, with long brown hair, wearing a white cassock with a black sash, carrying a wooden 5-foot-tall cross. Over his shoulder he was carrying a multicolored bag with the Virgin Mary depicted in bead on the front.

Under his cassock, he was wearing khaki stain-proof pants.

The funny thing is, I had seen Jesus before. Last year. On Palm Sunday. At the Dominick's, in line at the checkout in front of me.

He bought a banana.

That's all.


Did the cross have a little wheel on the bottom? I always think that the little wheel is clever. It really makes bearing the cross much more convenient.

I've seen Jesus before. It always boggles me that he wears a digital watch.

I've seen Jesus a couple of times, too! I've always wondered what's up with him.

I haven't seen Jesus in years. I didn't know he was still around.

I saw Jesus on the Milwaukee Ave. bus one afternoon. Astonishing!

A couple of years ago on a busy Friday or Saturday night, I saw Jesus exit the Red Line at Clark and Division. Guess he was out to convert the partying masses.

My friend used to work at the photo counter at the Walgreens right off the Clark and Division stop...and she said Jesus came in to get pictures developed once in a while.

i've seen jesus twice, once walking down the street in skokie and once on the blue line a few months ago. craziness!

Jesus sat in front of me during "Y Tu Mama Tambien" at the Esquire. Had to ask him to move his cross, it was blocking my view. I wonder how he felt about all that steamy action. Then again, it was winter. I bet he- like me- was just thinking about how nice the beach looked.

Jesus sat in front of me during "Y Tu Mama Tambien" at the Esquire. Had to ask him to move his cross, it was blocking my view. I wonder how he felt about all that steamy action. Then again, it was winter. I bet he- like me- was just thinking about how nice the beach looked.

I didn't know Jesus liked bananas. But I have to say, that is very smart of him to wear stain-proof pants. I should rethink my wardrobe - what would Jesus do?

Glad to hear he is still hanging out in Chicago. I saw him in the Loop and on the red line back in 200-01, but not since then. He got off at the Morse stop once so I assumed he lived up in Edgewater/Rogers Park area.

I've seen him several times around clark and diversey, chased him once to get a photo. Somehow, I lost him in Borders.

"jesus is on the main line..."

A few years ago we were walking across Belmont and Clark with my brother's suburban family for a dinner (and a few killer margaritas) at Cesar's. My very christian (but a good christian) sister-in-law and her teenage daughter (my step niece) stopped in their tracks with their mouths agape. I turned to see what they were staring at. It was Jesus waiting for the bus. I just said, "What, you never saw Jesus at a the bus stop before? Well how do you think he gets around in the city?" The bonus was minutes later at the retaurant when I noticed the name tag on our waiter...."Jesus".

He really is everywhere. A couple of years ago a friend saw him at the cafe at Barnes and Noble attending an in-store concert.

Jesus was on the blue line last night. We transfered over forom the purple line and there he was in true Jesus fasion. I tryed not to stair.

My boyfriend once saw him on the Blue Line eating a twinkie.

Sure it wasn't Johnny Damon? (Oh, that would have been the Boston Red Line.)

I don't know if anyone else has heard of this, but I have heard from MANY immigrants that Jesus is from Mexico City and that he did the same thing there. We're talking like ten years ago. May be the same guy, maybe not, I want to see him and see if he speaks Spanish! If it's the same guy he's famous there too!!

Here I have to say that I to have seen,the image of Jesus in the desert southwestern United States.
It has given me the inspiration to start a new web site: faceofgod.us
It will be coming on line very soon

I've also met Jesus several times. I was surprised at his height (approx 6' my guess) as well since He is a first century Palestinian and all. He had a lot of scars, of course, but I didn't know the tip of his nose was missing from a fall and that He had such intense eyes (greenish/brown), I'll never forget them. His hair was longer than I imagined also. One of the last times we met He showed me a scroll that I couldn't read. I took me two days to find the exact characters on the internet and it turned out to be the Nicene Creed in Aramaic. Any idea what I should do with this information? What exactly is He telling me? I would appreciate the help and yes, I am serious believe it or not.

My mom and I saw Jesus on the #60 bus in Little Village. I've spotted Jesus several time in the last 10 years in that neighborhood. He does speak Spanish.

Oh Yes... I used to date Jesus!! Well, this was before he turned into Jesus.(About 13 yrs ago) Wow, Maybe dating me does that to a man!! Anyhow I used to like him better as a Satanist, heavy metal freak.

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