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Attemped suicide snarls trains

For the second time in a month, a suicide try -- this time futile -- snarled CTA train traffic on the North Side.

At about 3:30 Thursday afternoon, a woman threw herself in front of a train at the Wellington stop. There's not better place to try and impact the CTA the greatest than on that stretch of track, since three heavily traveled train lines -- the Red, Brown and Purple -- come through that area during rush hour.

Trains were running again by 5 p.m. or so, but of course the backups lasted much longer as the CTA tried to get things back to normal.


I simply don't understand why a person who wants to kill himself/herself would want to ruin the after-work commute of thousands. Sure, a lost life doesn't compare with an inconveniencing commute, but if you want to end it all, why not do it gracefully? O.D. on valium and be done with it. No messy cleanup!

The problem isn't with this poor woman. The problem is with the CTA. Although trains were theoretically running by 4:58, there were major delays as late as 5:30, and no announcements being made about it. Not even a simple "we are experiencing delays due an earlier emergency". Nothing. The only announcement I heard was as we pulled into Fullerton. The power was still out there at 6:30, and our conductor warned riders to be careful exiting onto the platform.

Why would a person want to ruin *your* rush hour commute?

Think about it, at rush hour trains run more frequently. As you may know, suicides are oftentimes done on impulse. If she did it at 1AM, she'd have to wait about 15 minutes or so for a train.

When you're suicidal, that's a lot of time to vacillate, wondering if you're doing the right thing.

At rush hour, there's plenty of trains and little time to hem and haw about "Should I or shouldn't I?"

That's why this poor woman had the audacity to ruin your commute.

As for your valium suggestion, there's lots of time for remorse when you OD, a train will usually yield rapid results.

Just a theory...

killing yourself in such dramatic fashion is for ppl who just want to be remembered or some shit like that.

I agree with the earlier comment, suck down a bottle of valium and leave the rest of us alone.

I was about 10 feet away from this lady when she jumped off the platform. I seriously doubt her intentions were to be remembered this way, but more just to simply die. It's sad to me to hear that people consider this such a great inconvenience to them. Have you ever stood there when the train was coming and imagine what that would be like to be hit by that train. It would probably be a very painful death, but to people like this who are mentally ill or severely depressed this is a better option than living one more minute. She lived,by the way, if anyone is interested, and let me tell you, I was not one bit angry with this woman for making me an hour late to work! Great job by the way to the CTA driver for stopping the train so quickly, that was in fact what saved her life!

So, if someone accidently fell off the CTA platform and fell to their death, would this also be an inconvenience to you, dlaw and tom_sherman? i mean, they should have thought about it before they accidently ruined your day.



Oh, but that was highly relevant.

I was googling "suicide done on impulse" because my brother took his own life in his front yard with a gun for no reason at all and i wanted some answers to make sense of all of it. I some how came across this website. For the people whose lives that got interrupted or bothered by this ladys doings, i find it hard to believe that one of your family members has not killed themselves over your lack of compassion and reasoning. I also find it not fair that i cared for my brother so much and I had to lose him when its people like you that make others hate themselves and you havent lost one of yours.

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