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Someone sat next to him! Part 2

I got on the Red Line going south and spied the guy right away.

Glazed look in his eyes. Matted beard. Layers of old clothing. Stinky. Obviously homeless. He was sitting on the other side of the Hobo Corner.

I walked to the other end of the car. But others weren't quite as quick as me. Some sat near him, but it wasn't long before they got up and moved.

But the car filled quickly, and people had no choice but to stand near him. Finally, by Fullerton, a fastidiously dressed young woman actually sat next to him. On the edge of her seat. Breathing through her nose.

And the guy just sat there quietly and politely, seemingly aloof of the seating machinations going on around him.


And at that point everyone around him should have felt thanks for their blessings.

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