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From the "just-when-you-thought-you-heard/saw-everything" file

Writing CTA Tattler every day, I really should know better than to think I had seen just about everything there is to see on the CTA. But on this morning's commute, I saw/heard two things I had never before.

Thing No. 1: A homeless person hunkered down on a seat, covering himself up with his oversized jacket. And what's so odd about that, one might ask? He got very comfy by taking off his shoes and putting them neatly on the floor in front of him. How cozy.

Thing No. 2: A young woman gets on at Granville, yapping away loudly on her cell phone. And what's so odd about that, one might ask? She was doing a job interview! And she was the interviewee! All the way to Fullerton! She told us all loudly about how she led her team doing this, and how her strengths were that, and how her one weakness was bothering CTA passengers with inane cell phone conversations.

Er, maybe she didn't say the latter. But here's hoping she gets a job in Schaumburg so she doesn't ride the CTA again!


The homeless-people-taking-off-of-the-shoes-to-get-comfy-thing is common. I've seen it many, many times.

A man's gotta rest his dogs after a long walk, G....

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