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CTA Holiday Train back on track

CTA Chair Carole Brown overruled Grinchy President Frank Kruesi and gave the green light to the CTA's beleagured Holiday Train. See the Tribune report.

Now I'm thinking Brown and Kruesi are playing good cop-bad cop.


I think you're about right. It seems that the whole 'derailing the holiday train' thing was a ploy to guage public response. I think CTA hoped to inspire sympathy toward themselves and anger at the legislature simultaneously, but once they were labeled Grinch they did an about face in an effort to swing public support.

Yeah, when I heard about the Santa train coming back this morning, my opinion of the CTA went up a tiny little bit. Then it dove back down when I had to wait 20 minutes for a Damen bus during rush hour. Argh!

Did two wind up coming at the same time? That is such a peeve of mine...

Nope, just the one bus, and it got really crowded between my stop (Webster) and where I got off (North Ave.). Given the amount of time I waited, I should have just walked to the blue line.

This morning I waited half an hour for an eastbound 126 Jackson--and got THREE of them in a bunch. And of course, the one that stopped was the only one with no seats. ARGH. (How the CTA can talk about cutting ANYTHING on the West Side is a mystery to me--their service out there is already so damn weak. And we won't even talk about the Purple Line, either--it seems like the ONLY line that runs frequently and on time is the Brown Line--you know, the one that runs through Blago's neighborhood. Coincidence? You tell me.)

So the holiday L train takes Santa through the tunnels and stuff with no roof on? Help me out here. --Naive in Edgewater

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