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Beware the Puffy Jacket

CTA Tattler takes a slight holiday break this week and breaks some of the Best reader Tattler Tales. This comes from John. Thanks Buddy!

This happened about two years ago, on the northbound #22 Clark bus.  My (then) girlfriend and I got on the bus near Diversey during rush hour.  The bus was quite crowded, with all the seats taken and about 75% of the standing room taken up.  Right near the front was a young woman wearing a bright yellow, incredibly LARGE down-filled jacket.  The lady, and the jacket, had to have been at least three feet across.

Since she was standing right at the front of the bus people had to squeeze past her, and every time they did, they would brush up against her jacket and she would scream at people to stop touching her.  Within a few blocks people were standing right next to her, pressed up against her.  She kept screaming, over and over, "STOP TOUCHING ME!" and she was shaking with visible anger while her tirade went on. 

Fortunately, she never did anything, but it was equally humorous and frightful watching her get brushed up against and seeing the explosive reactions.

I know that Bill Cosby was talking about the New York Subway, but his routine, "A Nut In Every Car," applies to Chicago trains and buses.


#22 Clark, aye?

But come on.. *three feet*?? That's almost a human glacier. Kinda funny.

how could she even feel people touching her, with all that insulation?

Unless you know the person, its best to not assume that they have the same anger thresh-hold as you do. All persons are neurotic to a greater or lesser degree and a bus or train is a great place to like, love or hate someone instantly. That puffy jacket could be her barrier from the cruel world. Funny but true.

I'd of told her to shut the fuck up...

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