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"All I want for Christmas is my blood mold excised"

Time to say good-bye to 2004, and welcome 2005. I've been writing CTA Tattler Tales since June. And you've been with me all the way. Thanks for reading and contributing.

We close this year with a truly bizarre story from James. Thanks, and watch for those matronly Gold Coasters on cell phones:

As the holidays neared, only a week away, a large crowd entered the 151 Sheridan bus north on Michigan, at Chicago. Sitting down in the middle of the bus was this Gold Coast gal. She was somewhere in her 40s, wearing a full mink coat, loudly talking on her cell phone so all can hear.

As the bus neared Chestnut, the conversation turned to the blood mold growing in the middle of her chest, "like a unwanted third tit" -- with a follow up statement about how much she payed five years before for the "costly improvement on the original two."

She belted out all this information, in a Ethel Merman tone, how her skin doc past away two years before and has not found any one she had liked since. But now the blood mold is quickly reaching puberty and a removal had to be done before Christmas Eve.

Yet, she keep uttering that the work had to be done, cheap. She told how she has called hospitals at Northwestern and University of Chicago and she could not get a price that was acceptable to what she wanted to pay. She finished the call with: "I got to dump this unwanted red nipple, now!"

After that call, she phone two other Skin MD's, giving a brief detailed outline of the removal and the wanted price. What was sweet for all on the bus, is that she gave, in a clear tone, her home, cell and work (wow, she had a job) phone numbers. (I still have the numbers bronzed in my head and I am thinking of giving this high rent gal a call on all three lines if this thing gets printed.).

She pulled the bus stop cord as we traveled on the road along the inter drive two block just south of North Ave, to get off. As this blood mold lady exited, the instant the bus moved away from the stop, a few riders started to snicker. (They must have been bitting their lips all the way during the conversation.) Some folks commented. Other were thanking God that the lady with the high maintenance blood mold was gone.

The moral of this story dear riders was: woman with ugly blood mold on bus must not bargan hunt on cell phone or everyone meal will not have that holiday zing.
Let keep bloody molds to yourself in the spirt of the season.


Bloody gross! LOL

Have a wonderful New Year!

Sick...I've heard worse though. LOL

I had no idea what "blood mold" was so I googled it. You'll be delighted to learn that the CTA Tattler is the first result on google!

I still don't know what it is though....

Based on her statement "I got to dump this unwanted red nipple, now!", I would guess she was saying (or should have been saying) "blood mole." I don't know, but I probably wouldn't be bargain hunting for a mole-removal doctor...

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