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Woeful Wednesday

I couldn't help but notice more frowns on the faces of CTA riders yesterday. Not that riders are always hippy-skippy happy to be going to work.

But yesterday's gloom was more pronounced. And I can only attribute it to the results of the presidential elections. I mean, after all, almost 802,000 Chicagoans voted for John Kerry, as opposed to 180,000 for George Bush.

That means almost 82% of Chicago voters were not happy about the election results.

And that might tend to produce more frowns.


As for "Woeful Wed",don't blame the election results for everything. I don't see all that many people riding the El enjoying the ride to or from work, or school, or for that matter any time. Thank you.

I'm with ya on this one. I definitely noticed that people were down and out Wednesday morning. Of course, they might have been hungover as much as depressed.

I know this comment is coming 8 months too late, but I didn't know this website existed. My mom was on the #86 6:30am bus and saw something interesting. My mom had made a bus friend cause they're sometimes the only one on the bus so early in the morning. The next day after the election she was crying so bad, you'd think her whole family was found torchured, beaten, raped, killed then set on fire. My mom consoled her during the short bus ride to the train. My family, friends and I are upset and depressed, but not enough to be publically balling during my commute to work. I can only imagine what her coworkers thought in the morning :)

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