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Fake fight worries train car

Four teen-agers board the Red Line at Sheridan going north. They appear to be coming from Lakeview High School after school.

They are loud and obnoxious, like many high-schoolers; two boys and two girls. By Granville the sustained hum peaked to a real roar as one of the girls literally got in a boy's face: "I'm gonna kick your f***ing ass, you piece of s**t!"

"Bring it on bitch, you ain't got nothin!"

All passengers on the car craned their necks to see the action near the "hobo car." I was about to summon the motorman on the call button, as it appeared the war of words was ready to tumble into the aisle.

Then all four of them burst out laughing. "Ah man, we had them goin', didn't we! Sheeeeeet!"

Yeah, uh huh. You had us going.


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