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Round 1 to Satan

Seen on the Red Line heading north during the evening rush:

A well-dressed woman reads the Book of Corinthians with great hostility from her well-worn Bible, practically screaming at the top of her lungs (think Jules from Pulp Fiction).

Finally, a young woman gets up and screams, "Stop it! Are you on drugs?! You're hurting my ear."

Ms Evangelista dismisses her: "Don't bother me while I'm doing my job. I don't bother you while you do your job."

By now, other people are yelling at her as they leave the train. She waves them off with her hand: "Get off Satan, get off."

At this, a guy in front of my work buddy Bob turns around and tells him:

"I'm converting to Satanism."

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Someone on the New York subways blogged (it's disappeared, so I can't link) that when the preacher started preaching, she couldn't stand it so she burst into showtunes. This disconcerted the preacher so much she left for the next car. A thought for the next occurrence?

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