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Alcohol tableau

I've always been fascinated by views from the El into the second and third floor windows hard by the tracks.

Going south on the Red Line, the train stops right at Newport -- near the intersection with Sheffield and Clark -- to wait for the Brown Line to pass going north.

The Vautravers Building sits on the south side of Newport on the west side of the tracks. In the second floor window facing the tracks sits a lovely alcohol tableau:

As I passed in the morning, five bottles of alcohol sat neatly displayed on a blond wood drop-leaf table. A beautiful still life.

On the ride home that night, I saw one of the bottles had been moved to the side and was missing about a quarter of its contents.

As Led Zeppelin sang: "Oh, and it makes you wonder...."

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They drank the art??!!?? That's like....licking the eyebrows off the Mona Lisa!

I've noticed that window many times, and always thought it was cool as hell (or possibly a paid advertisement.) Though I didn't know the building had a name....

My two favorite El-level views are:

1) "Pig Cowboy"--a large, colorful figurine of a smiling pig dressed as a cowboy sits on a balcony of an apartment/condo on the west side of the tracks. Located somewhere between Belmont and Wellington or Diversey.

2) "Kitty Porch"--a small screened-in porch (probably attached to a window) that allows an apartment resident's several cats to enjoy the "outdoors" safely. Porch faces north. Usually (in good weather) I can see one or two kitties lounging in the porch. Located in a multi-unit apartment building, west side of tracks, after the Armitage station, before going down into the subway (if you're southbound).

See if you can spot 'em, too!

I've seen the booze bottles, too! I wondered if they put them by the window just so El riders could gaze at their impressive array.

Here's a couple...

1.) I don't recall the exact specs of the address, but somewhere in the vicinity of Fullerton (?), on the roof of one of the buildings is some goofy looking skeleton head (also known as a "skull") looking out at CTA passengers on the trains.

2.) Occasionally, if you pick the right time of the weekend to be stuck at the Howard station waiting 15 minutes for the next purple line train headed northbound, you'll see a couple of kids running up and down the fire escape stairs (you know, the ones at the back of the building directly adjacent to the northbound waiting areas) throwing random garbage (dolls' heads, empty cans of Pepsi) onto the tracks. Hilarious.

Riding the Red line from downtown to Davis at sundown or in the dark, I am always amazed at the lack of lights on in the passing apartments. Seems like, noboby is ever home.

East of the wilson stop, there's a baby hanging by its neck in a window. Right above and left of the Kerry storefront.

i've started to notice an amusing banner that someone put up from their porch inbetween just north of Clark Junction and the Addison stop(not sure how long its been there, i only discovered it a few weeks back). dunno the point of it, but its extremely amusing as heck: "Your girlfriend is not a bum." it also has some website link below it i wanted to look at, more just because i'm curious as to why someone put that up. seriously, i probably am the only person who cracks up loudly on the Red Line whenever i go by it.

The one that always used to make me laugh was the apartment window somewhere between the Loyola and Belmont Red Line stops with the sign taped to it that said "If you can read this, I live too close to the el tracks." Always brightened my morning commute.

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