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Early-morning rantings

It's a Monday morning. Heads are hanging low on the Red line, either buried in reading material or on various chests, napping.

But the collective back-to-work silence is broken by one of the most amazing rants I've ever witnessed.

Apparently the guy saw the page 1 Sun-Times story about the continuing dispute between the Tribune-owned Cubs and the city over Wrigely Field.

The loud rant shook us all:

"F***ing yuppies. I can't afford a ticket to Wrigley. Costs $5 for a hot dog. They should shut the place down. They can kiss my f***ing ass. F***ing yuppies."

Another rider piped up and asked for quiet.

"Who said that!" he demanded. The brave soul said: "Why don't you just deal with it and stop swearing. There are kids on the train."

"What!! I was here before you! I'm not a f***ing terrorist, but I'll tell you what...." But his voice drifted off without finishing that sentence."

The ranting continued. Another brave rider spoke up. "Hey, you can talk all you want, but watch your language, OK?"

"Hey man, I sat outside of Belmont for two hours to get 35 cents for this f***ing train. And I lost my f***ing job to a f*** Mexican. You're just trying to make me go away, right? But I want you to go away. I'm not going away."

As we approached the Chicago stop, the air was still and silent for a moment. Then he said:

"Those of you who have a heart, God bless you.

"Those of you who don't, I hope you burn in hell, you mother f***ers."

The doors opened and he disappeared into the crowd on the Chicago platform.


That is what it is all about, making those people who don't fit in just go away - the bums, the loones, the punk ass kids. Kids whom I am sure have never heard such fowl langauge...yeah right. Yuck it up I say.

What I find most entertaining about all this:

The people who are most likely to take offense at the occasionally anti-yuppie ranter are the SAME PEOPLE who haven't the slightest hesitation about regaling all of us with details of their sordid little personal lives as they yammer away on their cell phones.

Thank god somebody said something. And it sounds like they both handled themselves well. I've lived here for nine years and I swear one of the things that really bugs me is "F***ing yuppies" NOT saying anything. I feel like I owe it to my own self respect and to the meeker passengers (including small children and the elderly) to tell some ranting bastard to shut up or get off the train. You just don't tolerate that kind of behavior on a public train if you can help it. I don't understand why more people don't feel the same way.

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