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Well-groomed passengers

Among the homeless and not-so-well-dressed CTA riders, there are the very well-groomed passengers. You know -- the ones applying makeup and clipping their nails across the aisle.

This morning on the Red Line south at about 7:25, a 30ish woman pulled out her nail clippers and began meticulously snipping her fingernails, her DNA sailing haphazardly throughout the chilled rail car. She started at Loyola and finished by Lawrence. Very neat.

If I get the right train, I sometimes see a woman putting on makeup liberally. She juggles various cosmetic packs as she applies first a base, then rouge, eyeliner, mascara, and finishes with a flourish of red lipstick, pursing her lips as though she were primping for a lover.

Ummm... can you guys possibly wake up 10 minutes earlier and spare us your personal morning rituals?


Clipping nails on public transit? That is just wrong LOL

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