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Umbrella in the El door

Patrick just posted the following in "Add your crazy commuting stories here," and after this morning's rainy commute, I thought it deserved better play. Thanks Patrick.

I just saw a guy get his umbrella stuck in a El door. It was classic!

It was at the Library/State/Van Buren stop. The doors were closing and he stuck the umbrella in hoping to reopen the door. NOPE! The umbrella got stuck.

The guy walked with the El and tried to get it back but the El started picking up speed. He gave up and yelled "shiiittt!' and watched the El take off with his umbrella wedged in.

It happened at 7:15 am this morning. He could have used the umbrella because it was pitch black and started pouring.


LOL! :-)

Apparently the operator wasn't paying attention. Imagine if it was his hand stuck in there. Not pretty.

Original Poster here:

I think the operater was paying attention.

The guy had to stab the umbrella through the doors like he was in in a fencing match. He was in no danger; he stopped moving, and jammed the umbrella into the door. There was no element of danger involved to the person only to the umbrella he was using.

Oh man, that is classic!

I almost wanted to poke someone in the eye with my umbrella yesterday. I transferred over at Belmont during the middle of the storm and there was a Brown Line waiting, so I got on, of course, since there's no shelter there. Then as I got on, I realized I was on the train with the worst conductor EVER. With the volume way up: "This is a Brown Line train to the Loop! Brown Line train to the Loop! Brown Line! Brown Line train to the Loop! Brown Line! To the Loop!" Ah, how I love my morning commute.

I wonder if Kimberli's announcer guy was the same one who used to announce Blue Line stops on the Brown line--maybe he's finally figured out which train he runs.

It was actually a woman. A very loud woman on a very loud intercom repeating "Brown Line" over and over. *shuddering* Sorry, I'm having flashbacks of yesterday morning.

I bet I know who she is. On Sundays when the train is single-tracking, she goes on and on about where to switch to a train going the other way. Yea, she's really loud.

It's kind of funny at first, but I have a similar story - one time I was on a Purple line train at Main Street heading north. A slighly disoriented older asian lady had gotten on the train at Howard, and she started to get off of the train at Main Street.

However, she was really slow getting off of the train and her purse got caught in the door. The conductor/engineer must not have noticed her standing there, or thought she was just standing there -- when actually her arm was through the loop of her purse.

I ran to the door and tried to push the purse out of the crack but it wouldn't go, and I yelled for someone to push the emergency button. The woman finally got her arm out of the purse with about 20' to spare at the end of the platform as we raced away.

I grabbed the purse when the doors opened at Dempster and took it down to the station house, where apparently the woman had gone downstairs at Main and had the station agent call Dempster to see if anyone brought her purse down.

If the woman hadn't been able to get her arm out, or if her reflex to keep holding onto the purse had won out she would have been dragged off the end of the platform and probably suffered major injuries.

DancingDavid, I'm wondering (and someone can correct me if I'm wrong) but in a case like that, shouldn't someone just pull the "cherry" - the red ball that opens the doors? (Or the one over the cab at the end of the car that engages the emergency brakes.) If memory serves me correct that will bring the train to a stop rather quickly...possibly sparing someone major injuries.

Just a thought.

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