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Young Lenin lives

Soviet_red_starA young 20-ish man sporting a sparse moustache and a jarhead haircut boards at Loyola on the Red Line. He clocks in at around 320 pounds, and looks kind of like Oliver Hardy or Fatty Arbuckle.

He's wearing a long, black trench coat. Too, too cliche. He also sports a Soviet Army officer's cap, a Soviet red star medal, and a hammer-and-sickle pin on his lapel.

Of course, he had to complete the ridiculous look by reading Leon Trotsky "The Revolution Betrayed."


Maybe this is just his way of meeting women. Who knows? Maybe it works.

I've never heard of an obese communist before.

Did he try to foment sectarian splits amongst the other passengers? That's the only way to tell if he's a real Trot and not just pretending to be oine in order to score with the 0.0000000000000000000001% of the El-riding population made up of hot she-Trot chubby-chasers.

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